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“We are not the global company and therefore to us is where aims”..

2004   Our company was begin to work with staff of    3 employees. In process of growth of turnover of the company and client base, the staff was increased and now is 50 people.

2007    We have taken a leading place on the MICE organization (Meetings Incentive Conferences Events) of service, as in the territory of Kazakhstan, and abroad.

2009   The company determined the priority direction – business travel in large-scale option. From this time, and so far, our company organized about 100 conferences with participation more than 3 000 participants in 20 countries of the world, including in Kazakhstan.

2013   The company was  invited to become a technical the organizer of the international medical congress “Gastroenterelogy Week” with assistance of EASL by request of the Kazakh Association on studying of a liver (KASL). The organization passes at the high level then with the network of the congresses by request of KASL then the company takes the leading place in Kazakhstan is carried out 2013-to this day as the organizer of full-scale EVENTS in Kazakhstan on high carrying out level
Today WesternAir V.K company. is a member of “the Kazakhstan Tourist Association”, and in our company highly-skilled employees at whom beginning extensive experience in organization of events in the sphere of MICE services from accommodation work, finishing the organization of the full-scale congresses and outside events with a large number of participants.

The company sets to itself high, almost impracticable tasks, carrying out them with success.

Our permanent team:


Almaty office

krasnovvladimir For me the company is not just work it’s my child who grows every year: grows wiser, matures and becomes the competent member of society who brings benefit not only himself, but also society. At whom I look and I admire, rejoice. It is sure that always to a smog is proud of both the company, and team which helps becomes to us those who we are is now

Vladimir V. Krasnov


evgeniyanovikovaphoto I work in company is 7 years old and 15 years old in lovely business 
When work brings you joy and satisfaction, you can reach any tops and achieve the best result in the work, bring benefit to people”

Yevgeniya M. Novikova

Head of flight department

andreybashkirovnew I’m a little time in the company, but devoted business of trips to the sphere many years.
Began to work as avia agent in corporate sector and subsequently trained agents. The last years directed all efforts to development of technologies, and, in particular, technologies of control and guaranteeing service quality. The aspiration to provide equally high level of provision of service to clients, in not dependence on amount of trips and financial “importance” was and remains the main objective. The commitment of WesternAir to this principle also became decisive in my desire will join collective.

Andrey Bashkirov

Business development manager

The most main objective for me in my work, first of all – work on.
The constant feeling of incompleteness, nonideal achievement of result, pushes me more and more to find solutions to those tasks which for example 2 years seemed absolutely impracticable. When you receive an official message of thanks of the client, a good response, you understand – that here it is result of your work and it is necessary to find new heights for a fulfillment again.

Larissa V. Akolzina

Head of MICE and travel department

Principles of our work:

  • to be in continuous development;
  • to be keen and resolute;
  • to build the open and honest relations;
  • creatively and not standart to think
  • to be flexible and to encourage changes;
  • to be ready for exchange information;
  • to do by more smaller means;
  • to be modest;
  • to feel as command players


International Congress "Central Asian Gastroenterological Week 2015" under the auspices of the European Association for the Study of the Liver (EASL)

Our achievements

  • More than 10 years in the tourist market of Kazakhstan

  • Organized more than 100 events 20 around the world with the participation of 3000 People

  • Organized more 20 pharmacological congresses

  • More than 1000 partners worldwide

  • 6-year-old experience in organizing business events

  • WesternAir is "a member of the Kazakh Tourism Association"